When a sprinkler head is broken, it is your lawn, which has to suffer the most because the grass, plants, and trees can’t receive water now. You need to replace the broken sprinkler head in order to bring things back to normalcy. To replace the sprinkler head, just look for cracked or broken plastic casing that is provided on the heads. A broken sprinkler head will either don’t pop up or sprays the water in a disorderly manner.

Sprinkler heads breaking off is not big of a deal, as it happens quite normally. A vehicle running over the sprinkler head or a mower hitting the head can easily break it. So, if you have a sprinkler whose head has been broken, then you can easily replace it by following the below-mentioned steps, but make sure to buy the same type of head or else you won’t be able to install it. The following tips are from a sprinkler repair company:

Dig & Remove

  1. You need to turn off the system before changing the broken head. A hole of around 2 feet diameter also needs to be dug around the head.
  2. You need to slice the sod using a square shovel. Place the sod on a tarp to set it back into place at the end of the job.
  3. Dig down to the vertical pipe that branches off the mainline, also known as ‘Riser’, which connects to the sprinkler head.
  4. Keep in mind that while digging, you should not use too much force or else the plastic water line will get damaged.
  5. Turn the sprinkler head counter-clockwise to remove it from the riser.
  6. As you remove the head, make sure not to spill the dirt into the riser.
  7. If sprinkler heads are not being removed with hands, use wrenches to get them off.
  8. You can also make use of slip-joint pliers. When using these tools, you need to hold the riser so that it doesn’t disconnect from the fittings below.
  9. Connect the new sprinkler head by placing it on the riser and turning it with your hand.
  10. Make sure not to use any joint compound or Teflon tape on the riser threads.

Reset the spray pattern

While placing a new sprinkler head, you may have to adjust the water in that specific area, methods of which can vary.

  1. To adjust some sprinkler heads, you can turn a slot at the top using a screwdriver whereas; other sprinkler heads require a special key for the same.
  2. Some heads need you to adjust the spray pattern by turning a small screw given next to the nozzle.
  3. Before installing the heads, adjust them followed by fine-tuning the heads once their placement is finalized.
  4. First, you need to turn the top in the clockwise direction until it stops.
  5. Adjust the sprinkler head so that the water is rotated from 40 to 360 degrees counterclockwise from the starting point.
  6. In the canister, set the head and then, align the nozzle with the correct edge in the area where you wish to throw the water.
  7. Tighten the head now, fill the hole with dirt and replace the sod.
  8. Now, you should turn on the sprinkler from the controller.
  9. Wait until the head makes a few rotations, and the system begins to run, you can make additional adjustments to the system.