You may or may not have heard the fact that planting more and more trees benefits the environment and human beings even. You might be wondering to get justification for this statement. Well, trees help in circulating oxygen, which is essential for human survival. Trees take in carbon dioxide and give off oxygen.

Some of the vital facts about trees

  1. It supplies oxygen and takes in carbon dioxide from the air.
  2. Trees in the US itself box up to 900 million tons of carbon, which would otherwise emit into the environment.
  3. Saves up to $22 billion, which otherwise could have been used to store carbon.
  4.  On average, a single tree can take in 48 pounds of carbon dioxide in a year.
  5. Two people can get a sufficient supply of oxygen from a single tree.
  6. Reduces ozone levels in urban cities.
  7. Mitigates noise pollution.

Trees can also help in reducing the cooling cost, as you don’t need to purchase separate sheets or shades for resistance against heat. It has been found out in the research that cooling done by ten air conditioners if run continuously for ten hours is equal to shade from a single large tree in hot summer. Moreover, it also helps in changing the path of the wintry breeze that runs during the colder season. If we talk of the energy conservation principle, then it will not only benefit the individual home or office but the entire city, thus reducing heating and cooling costs.

Trees and Socio-Economic effects

Let’s be authentic- For most of the individuals, growing trees is not about protecting the environment or reducing the seasonal cost for home or office.  They believe that planting trees is the yard makes their house looks beautiful, amazing and cleaner.

Another advantage of planting trees is that it helps in swinging the state of mind of patrons in the businesses and nearby surroundings both physically and mentally. It is normally seen that people who have trees in their yards are less stressed and suffer hardly any diseases that those who don’t have any tree in the yard.

Other facts about trees that makes them awesome are:

  1. Raise property value.
  2. Houses with trees are more appealing to buyers, visitors and guests.
  3. The crime rate also reduces with more number of trees in the surroundings.

So, if you are interested in planting trees, then you can contact eco-friendly organizations that accept donations. They plant trees globally and utilize the donations to solve the issues related to deforestation or global warming. You can check out the local organizations or government for planting trees or tree trimming in neighborhood areas.